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Wash, Dry and Brush & Mini Grooms


Located in Massey, West Auckland, our Parlour specializes in cat and dog grooming of a high quality.

Angels Grooming is an award winning Parlour with highly trained groomers that have a  passionate stance on quality grooming and customer satisfaction. 

We realise that you will not always require a full groom with all the trimmings, and therefore have services to meet all breeds of dogs that require bathing to a high quality to ensure dirt and bacteria infestation does not become unhealthy for your dog.

We also offer mini grooms for those dogs that require maintenance in between their usual grooms to keep on top of trimming in important places such as eyes, face, bum and feet which may need more regular trimming than the rest of the body.

/// wash, dry & brush or mini groom – the professional way

 The process below describes a wash, dry and brush treatment process and a mini groom on any sized dog. The difference between the two treatments is that a mini groom includes a trim in the areas described below but trimming of any kind is not included within a wash, dry and brush treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: Trimming of the face, eyes, bum or feet can be done as separate treatments for a small charge anytime without an appointment but it pays to ring first on the day as closing times can sometimes vary.



First your groomer will assess your dog, checking for matting or skin issues.

If there is matting we will recommend your dog has a full groom as this treatment does not cover removal of matting. However if we think we can remove any current knots with brushing then this will be included but you may be charged extra for any longer time spent removing knots. This will be clarified before extra treatment is carried out. 

Then it’s off to the bath for a luxuriously bubbly massage to get them squeaky clean and smelling great. 

We use professional shampoo and conditioner that will be specifically chosen to enhance your dog’s coat or health (flea shampoo and sensitive shampoo are options if required). 


EARS and nails

We check the ears to ensure they are in good health, and clean out any dirt or waxy build up. We also clip the nails.


First a fun towel dry (their favourite part) and then an invigorating blow dry and brush out getting out any loose coat and stimulating the skin to encourage good health. 

A professional blow dry helps ensure any areas prone to bacteria are thoroughly dried which helps to prevent irritation and infestation from occurring. It also helps to keep the skin comfortable, supple and in turn keep your dog happy and healthy.



Using a professional grooming tool, we are potentially able to remove huge amounts of loose hair from your dog’s undercoat that will be difficult to remove with a normal dog brush.

Our groomers are skilled at brushing the coat right next to the skin which is important as this is where matting often starts.

TRIM (mini groom only)

As part of our Mini Groom service, this includes a trim around the eyes and face, sanitary (bum) region and the feet & pads.

There is no trimming included in a Wash, Dry and Brush.

making a booking

If you would like to speak to us about your dogs requirements or make a booking please ring 833 5571 so we can have a chat to you and find the most appropriate treatment and time to suit you and your dog.


Tailored cat grooms

We also groom cats, from wash, dry and brush grooms, lion cuts to tailored grooms to suit your cat’s needs, we do it all. 

You can ring us on 833 5571 for a chat about your cat’s needs. 


Book a Groom

We offer many things that are not available everywhere, with three hand stripping specialists onsite, three Master Groomers (one of which is a Sasha Riess certified Poodle Expert), Cat Grooming Specialists and staff who are highly experienced in dog behaviour and handling.



Angela Anderson, founder of Angels Grooming has been grooming since 2000 and is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer (NCMG), and New Zealand’s first ever Internationally Certified Master Groomer (ICMG). As well as grooming dogs, Angela also loves to groom other animals such as cats and rabbits. Having won many awards in grooming and competing for New Zealand in Groomteam NZ for several years, Angela has gone on to become a judge, certifier and seminar speaker. Her passion for teaching shows in the Grooming Academy where she has seen most of her students go on to a successful career in grooming.


cat & dog Groomer & Tutor

Matilda has been with Angels since 2007. Originally from the Netherlands, she began grooming in the early 80’s, after obtaining her Dutch grooming certificate, she then had her own grooming business from home. Matilda is now a Nationally Certified Master Groomer (NCMG), tutor in the Grooming Academy and exam judge. Matilda confidently grooms any breed or cross in any style, with hand stripping as her specialty. She also loves to groom cats!


dog Groomer & tutor

Jennifer joined the Angels team after finishing top of the class at Angels Dog Grooming Academy in 2013. We very proud to say that she qualified as one of the few Nationally Certified Master Groomers in New Zealand in 2018 and is now also a tutor in our Grooming Academy. Jennifer enjoys every aspect of the grooming process from washing and drying to scissor finish. She believes she has the best job in the world and loves bringing out the unique personality of the dog in each completed groom.


dog Groomer

Renee has been grooming professionally at Angels Parlour since 2014. She was also trained at Angels Dog Grooming Academy. She has a certificate in Animal care, Animal management and Canine behaviour & training. Renee also works with dogs at a rescue shelter. She is passionate about dog grooming and owns a miniature poodle named Penny.


dog Groomer

Den is an absolute dog lover and loves working with dogs, being with dogs and when he is not loving our four-legged clients, he spoils Dougie, the beloved pooch at home. Den has been a highly valuable member of the Angels Team since 2016 and is currently studying to becoming a NZ certified Master Groomer. Den is actively grooming cats and getting great results and feedback from owners. 


Junior dog Groomer

Katie qualified with Angels Dog Grooming Academy in 2018, she was so brilliant with the animals, her lovely personality and demeanour made us move her straight into our parlour. Katie has a very special place in her heart for dogs, especially for her 3 furry friends at home. She plans to one day be a NZ certified Master Groomer. Katie loves working with all dog breeds and sizes.


junior dog Groomer

Sea qualified with Angels Dog Grooming Academy in 2018 and moved straight into our parlour. Sea has a very special calm way with animals. Sea has a sweet young boy Eric and a much-loved cat Wilber. Sea takes a lot of pride in always making sure the dogs & cats she grooms are always happy & comfortable. Sea regards herself as a “Lucky Lady”, as she gets to work doing what she loves.


It’s no accident that the word ‘professional’ is in our name. Our commitment to every one of our clients – four legged and two legged – is that you will always experience a professional service of internationally high standards.