Once I’d decided to become a dog groomer, it was important to me, to look for the most reputable training institution in NZ.

It did not take me long to choose Angels Grooming Academy because Angela Anderson is an experienced, well respected, NZ Certified Master Groomer who is endorsed by the NDGANZ.

This was very important to me because in my opinion it’s not only about training but the years of on-going support you need after and opportunities for professional education, to become the best groomer you can be.

I knew as soon as I met Angela, Matilda and the team at Angels that I was on a new and very exciting path in my life.

The 8 weeks that I completed exceeded my expectations in all areas. It challenged me both mentally and physically, and was far more comprehensive than I expected. I hope one day, to complete
another 8 weeks of training!

Claire Macdonald


If you are a serious about being a successful Dog Groomer, this is your only choice of school to go to.

Being trained by Master Groomers was very important to me and at Angels Grooming Academy you not only get one but three!

I got the hands on experience that I wanted and also built my confidence. We had a wide variety of breeds to groom, which was so exciting and fun.

The pace of learning was just right, challenged to accomplish things on your own, but having a helpful hand right there when you need it. The instructors really work with you on your level and speed and you get plenty of individualized attention.

I’ve learned so much more than grooming, everything from pet nutrition to dog behaviour and how to handle difficult dogs.

The curriculum was well-organized with book learning and explanations and hands-on grooming practice with the techniques covered for that day.

The lovely girls that work in the Salon next door are also very encouraging.

Thank you Angela and your lovely Team.

Shelley Wood


I was a student at Angels in March 2015, I completed both the Beginner’s and the Advanced courses.

I cannot say a bad word about them. Angela is such a fantastic teacher and mentor, she is always there to help you in anyway and always works at your pace and ability. She may have a full class but will work with each person in the way that is right for them.

The rest of the staff are great too and all their work is done in a very peaceful and tranquil way.

Matilda also taught our class and is another fantastic groomer from whom you can learn so much. They all strive to teach you as much as they can in the time you are with them and to give you confidence for when you leave.

Angela and the girls are always willing to help after they push you out into the big wide world of dog and cat grooming. You can just pick up the phone and ask for advice or just go on FB and leave a message.  You will get all the help you need.

So if you want learn how to groom dogs and cats there is only one place to angels grooming academy.

Kathryn Shufflebotham


I highly recommend Angels grooming academy for you to study grooming dogs.

I had an excellent experience of dog grooming. I didn’t know anything about grooming dogs before I studied at Angels grooming academy but after I did 8weeks I love it so much I decided to come back for another 7weeks of advanced course.

I found that I actually feel confident to groom dogs because of the knowledge I learnt.

I like the way they were able to answer every single questions and explain the way of handling . I don’t think any other place can provide the hands on experience I had there.

Sayaka Strewe



Whether you are looking for a career in Dog Grooming, to build your own Dog Grooming business, or to upgrade your skills using the best teachers in the country, Angels Professional Grooming Centre has the right course for you. Just contact us and we’ll be in touch to design the best course options for you.